Jaiva Dharma

The definition  of Dharma is essential occupation or relation.


The definition of Jiva is living being


 The word Jaiva means of or related to the Jiva.

Therefore, Jaiva-Dharma means the dharma of the Jiva, or the  characteristic function related to the Jiva.

 The author answers this question exhaustively in this book, but I still think that is it is essential to submit one or two point in brief.

The word Jivana (life) comes from the word Jiva, wich means ‘one who have life.’


In other words, all living beings are known as Jiva.


 thus, the author has used the term ’jaiva-dharma’ to indicate

the constitutional function of the Jiva.

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 Jivera svarupa haya krsnera nitya das

Krsnera tatastha- sakti bhedabheda prakasa

The Jiva’s natural condition is to be a servant of Krsna.


The Jiva is the marginal potency of Krsna, and a manifestation which is both one with and different from Krsna.


Reverence Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya (20.108) 


One-Organic System by Jagatmohandas

Hare Krsna



I like to share this topic.

According to Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, transcendental divine love is the strongest spiritual force on earth, which can establish close relation of love and unity of hearts amongst all human beings and thereby establish real peace in the world.  Divine love is more powerful than Ahimsa. Ahimsa means not to commit violence. This is negative. But love means to do positive good to others, this is more covetable and effective. All animated beings are inter-connected and are the parts of the potency of One-Organic System – The All Pervading Soul. The knowledge of our common relation to that Absolute Soul will foster in us love and affinity for each other

Hari Bol

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